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Minimum wage is Australia is A$23.00/Hr.

The average full-time wage in Australia is around AUD$90,000 per year (as of 2022). This is the mean annual income for full-time workers.

Income levels can vary significantly based on factors like:

  • Occupation – For example, managers, professionals, and technicians tend to earn more than labourers or sales workers.

  • Industry – Income is generally higher in industries like mining, finance, and information technology.

  • Technical jobs usually tend to make 150K to 200K per annum.

  • Free Medical for the whole family.

  • Free education.

  • Unlimited travel rights.

  • Sponsor parents and family members.

  • Get Passport.

There are many visa options in Australia .
In Australia.

  1. 494 visa.
  2. 482 visa.
  3. 186 visa.
  4. 189 visa.
  5. 190 visa.
  6. 491 visa

In Canada

  1. Federal skill visa.
  2. Temporary Foreign worker program.
  3. International Mobility program.