Why migrate to Australia?

Australia, a beautiful island with sun-soaked beaches, snow covered mountains and unlimited opportunities for skilled immigrants from across the globe. Besides immigrants hundreds of thousands of visitors and students come to Australia for its acclaimed universities, beautiful landscapes and affordable luxuries. More than 100 ethnic groups are represented in Australia, making Australia one of the most culturally diverse countries in the world.

Australia is Ranked 3rd in the Index of Economic Freedom (2010) and it's per capita GDP is compartively higher than that of the United States, UK, Germany, and France. In most Australian States, all children receive 11 years of compulsory education, starting from around 5 years of age, then can move on to complete two more years (Years 11 and 12), contributing to an adult literacy rate that is assumed to be 99% You may be eligible to join Medicare and gain immediate access to health care services and programs. These include free public hospital care, help with the cost of out-of-hospital care, and subsidised medicines.

How can you migrate to Australia?

Australia's migration program has three main streams:

Skill Stream: This targets skills and skill shortages which contribute to Australia’s economy.

Family Stream: Australia recognises the value and importance of family migration and hence designed the following categories for reuniting families.

  1. Partner: Partners of Australian citizens, Australian permanent residents may apply to enter and/or remain permanently in Australia. There are 2 types of visa:
  2. Parent: This visa allows parents to migrate to Australia permanently to join their children who are living in Australia.This visa requires that you be sponsored by your child in Australia.

Business Stream: For people to come to Australia for a business-related visit. Also for people to establish, manage or develop a new or existing business, or invest in Australia.