Motor Mechanic (General) - ANZSCO 321211


Maintains, tests and repairs petrol engines and the mechanical parts of lightweight motor vehicles such as transmissions, suspension, steering and brakes. Registration or licensing may be required.

Skill Level


Alternative Titles

Automotive Light Mechanic


1. Automatic Transmission Mechanic
2. Automotive Airconditioning Mechanic
3. Brake Mechanic
4. Ground Support Equipment Fitter (Air Force)
5. Roadside Mechanic
6. Vehicle Mechanic (Army)

DIAC Endorsed Correlations to ASCO Occupations

4211-01 Supervisor, Motor Mechanics 4211-11 Motor Mechanic

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Group: 3212 Motor Mechanics


repair, maintain and test motor vehicle and other internal combustion engines and related mechanical components. Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters are excluded from this unit group. Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters are included in Unit Group 8994 Motor Vehicle Parts and Accessories Fitters. At least three years of relevant experience may substitute for the formal qualifications listed above. In some instances relevant experience and/or on-the-job training may be required in addition to the formal qualification. Registration or licensing may be required.


1. detecting and diagnosing mechanical and electrical faults in engines and parts
2. dismantling and removing engine assemblies, transmissions, steering mechanisms and other components, and checking parts
3. repairing and replacing worn and defective parts and reassembling mechanical components, and referring to service manuals as needed
4. performing scheduled maintenance services, such as oil changes, lubrications and engine tune-ups, to achieve smoother running of vehicles and ensure compliance with pollution regulations
5. reassembling engines and parts after being repaired
6. testing and adjusting mechanical parts after being repaired for proper performance
7. diagnosing and testing parts with the assistance of computers
8. may inspect vehicles and issue roadworthiness certificates or detail work required to achieve roadworthiness
9. may respond to vehicle breakdown service calls

Skill Level

Most occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with the qualifications and experience outlined below.

Occupations in this Group

1. 321211 Motor Mechanic (General)
2. 321212 Diesel Motor Mechanic
3. 321213 Motorcycle Mechanic
4. 321214 Small Engine Mechanic