Dental Specialist - ANZSCO 252311


Diagnoses and treats diseases, injuries, irregularities and malformations of teeth and associated structures in the mouth and jaw using surgery and other specialist techniques. Registration or licensing is required.

Skill Level



Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeon
Oral Pathologist

DIAC Endorsed Correlations to ASCO Occupations

2381-13 Dental Specialist

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Group: 2523 Dental Practitioners


diagnose and treat dental disease, restore normal oral function using a broad range of treatments, such as surgery and other specialist techniques, and advise on oral health.

It includes Health Promotion Officers and Orthotists or Prosthetists.


1. diagnosing dental diseases using a range of methods such as radiographs, salivary tests and medical histories
2. providing preventative oral health care such as periodontal treatments, fluoride applications and oral health promotion
3. providing restorative oral care such as implants, complex crown and bridge restorations, and orthodontics, and repairing damaged and decayed teeth
4. providing oral surgical treatments such as biopsy of tissue and prescription of medication
5. performing routine orthodontic treatment
6. restoring oral function with removable and fixed oral prostheses
7. assisting in diagnosing general diseases having oral manifestations such as diabetes
8. educating patients to take care of their mouth and teeth
9. leading a dental team which may comprise Dental Hygienists, Dental Therapists, Dental Assistants and other Dental Specialists

Skill Level

Occupations in this unit group have a level of skill commensurate with a bachelor degree or higher qualification (ANZSCO Skill Level 1). Registration or licensing is required.

Occupations in this Group

1. 252311 Dental Specialist
2. 252312 Dentist